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Our Mission: to introduce traditional tobacco smokers to the joys of vaping. and a healthier way of life, and to expose experienced Vapers to the best new products hitting the market. Our goal is to create a vibrant, exciting, environment that accommodates new ways for old habits.

Quit Smoking Today with an Ecig for your 2016 New Year’s Resolution!

A popular New Year’s resolution is to stop smoking. Millions of Americans have quit smoking with an electronic cigarette.

Quitting tobacco is the most important resolution you will make. You are not only quitting for you and your health, but quitting benefits your family, friends and pets. Make this the year you can finally say “I did it!” Make this the year to Quit and Stay Quit.

Use of e-cigarettes has overtaken the world, and users who have reduced or stopped smoking with e-cigarettes have started a revolution.

Is it your goal to quit smoking? Will it be your new year’s resolution? Have you tried the patch, gum and lozenges? By using a product designed to fail and the constant guilt you are surrounded with, have you had enough? There are quit lines and a slew of advice. According to experts, if you fail it’s your fault. You didn’t try hard enough. Scolding and Psychology aren’t working?

You’re already smoking. I encourage you to try an e-cigarette. You don’t need commitment. You don’t need a coach. You don’t “have” to stop smoking right away. You don’t need a counseling program. You or someone you love needs proper information. Aside from not being afraid, you need to remember three things that could mean the difference between success and failure when you walk into a vape shop.

  1. Taste. You want to taste a flavor you already like.

  2. Nicotine Strength. Nicotine is extremely important. That creates your “throat hit”. If you smoke lights, you may want lower nicotine strength at first. If you are a full flavor smoker, you may want higher nicotine strength.

  3. Backups. All things can fail, batteries, tops & chargers. Plan on two of each at first.

Don’t be persuaded to purchase the most expensive type at first.  We recommend an “eGo” style for ease and effectiveness.  This year let us help you achieve all your goals while enjoying the experience. We are excited to be a part of your vaping  journey and look forward to continuing to support our vaping community in the upcoming year.

Let's make 2016 the best year yet! Have a very Happy New Year and Vape on!  

Quit Smoking Success Information – A national survey conducted by Forum Research found that two-thirds using e-cigs to quit one-quarter to one-third are successful. Search the web and you will find story after story about people who picked up an e-cigarette with reserved optimism and are now tobacco free.