Downtown Vaporium - Electronic Cigarette Vape Shop

Our Mission: to introduce traditional tobacco smokers to the joys of vaping. and a healthier way of life, and to expose experienced Vapers to the best new products hitting the market. Our goal is to create a vibrant, exciting, environment that accommodates new ways for old habits.

SAVE A LIFE - REFER A SMOKER - Take advantage of our one-of-a-kind referral program! Send in your friends and family to earn FREE E-Liquid!

Friends, family members, and significant others can play a big part in helping a person become #smokefree. That's because people who feel supported are more likely to quit smoking for good. About 40 percent of smokers who quit say that support from others mattered a lot in their success. We believe if you #supportasmoker it is much more likely they will #quitsmoking. Downtown Vaporium can help when you get involved in a smokers life and #sponsorasmoker by taking the steps to help someone #quitthehabit and start #vaping.

For Existing Customers

For every person you refer to Downtown Vaporium®, you will receive a 15ml Bottle of E-Liquid or in-store credit in the form of Points. The amount of Points will be dependent upon which kit and how much the person you send in chooses to purchase (see below). Send in a few people a month and your in-store credit could pay for your refills every month. What a deal!

How Much In-Store Credit Can You Receive?

$25-$100 = 15ml or 1500 Points

$101-$150 = 20ml or 2000 Points

$151-$200 = 30ml or 2500 Points

$200+ = $20 in-store credit and a 15ml or 1500 Points

For New Customers

If you've been referred to Downtown Vaporium by a friend, family member, or co-worker ask this person to give you a Referral Card with their information on it. When you go to any Downtown Vaporium location to purchase a Beginner kit, this card will get you a FREE 15ml E-liquid just for being referred! We'll also give the customer who referred you FREE E-Liquid. Purchase additional supplies like replacement coils and additional e-liquid and you can get additional points and discounts!

How Much In-Store Credit Can You Receive? Spend over $100 in one purchase and receive an additional $20 off your next visit to Downtown Vaporium.

For every dollar you spend you will receive 10 points that you can redeem towards future Eliquid purchases.


Referral card MUST be presented by the person you have referred when the Beginner’s Kit is purchased in order to receive the referral benefits. Person referring must be an existing Downtown Vaporium customer or the referral is invalid. Customers on the same account (i.e. husband and wife) cannot refer one another. Referral Program only applies to new customers buying their first Ecig kit. Downtown Vaporium, LLC reserves the right to refuse any in-store credit from being issued if any suspected or actual abuse of this program occurs.